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Are you an educational institution exploring new ways to; better manage your resources, cut out the redundancies in your processes, and achieve optimum results?
We have all the right kind of tools to help your realize these objectives -

  • Track Learning Performance and detect at-risk-learners early
  • Efficient Course/Content Management means more comfort tutoring
  • Ensure content originality with our Plagiarism Checker
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Are you a knowledge providing firm, a training agency, or an assessment outfit looking to make your contents more readily accessible to your select audience?
Let's help you deliver better -

  • Easily monitor, Process (and split) payments
  • Take advantage of ProdigyLIVE; host conferences on the go
  • Manage Certification conveniently
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With the tools we're offering on ProdigyLMS, you reach a much larger audience easily. Spend more time focusing on creating contents on the things you love doing; we'll do the heavy lifting.

  • Guaranteed quality virtual classroom experience to keep your audience proactively engaged
  • Polling System to help you get qualitative feedback from surveys
  • Gamify learning to ensure that learners/participants stay in top learning shape
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